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[Aquarionics Entry]Friday, August 9th 2002 16:16

Sounds belivable.

Evil Mind Rays

Basically, someone has invented a device to propel sound direct into your brain. This is Good, because it means that in the future we will be able to do things like listen to differant movies in a car, or true 3D directional sound in movies and computer games and... and...

And when you walk past a coke machine, you'll get the subliminal message of "you're thirsty, arn't you?". And when you walk though a town you won't be able to listen to music on your headphones for all the blasting stuff.

Oh, yes. And hitting someone with 150db of sound (as the article mentions) is better than shooting them how, exactly?

Normal design returns tomorrow

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[Aquarionics Entry]Friday, August 9th 2002 2:00

We don't need no stinkin' graphics

Inspired by playing with aalib, and and ascii art in general, we present the new Aquarionics design. in 100%, pure ascii!! (Don't belive me? View the source, luke.)

Bored? Me? Damn, you guessed.

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From gilmae on 9 Aug 2002
You *so* need a job :- ) [Reply]
From James on 9 Aug 2002
You know, that looks truly *awful* in Links :-) [Reply]
From Aquarius on 9 Aug 2002
Jesus. Make it go away. I thought my eyes were broken or something. :) [Reply]
From Sarabian on 9 Aug 2002
oh my life :) [Reply]
From Corinne on 9 Aug 2002
You are a *scary* man. [Reply]
From Corinne on 9 Aug 2002
Or, to quote the top line of your logo: "ggaaaaagg" [Reply]
From Maria on 9 Aug 2002
You're, like, sick :P
I think this far exceeds the time I was called sick for watching South Park through aalib.
the only word I can think of is "damn".
Maria [Reply]
From ccooke on 9 Aug 2002
Shame it's broken in mozilla-1.0.0

The sizing is all wrong, so the Aquarionics logo-curve is about 1.5 times the width of the actual site (boxes, text, etc) and the round logo is too large and superimposed on the curve.

Oh, and thanks to the curve being so big, it's under your top entry, so it's very hard to read. [Reply]
From Aquarion on 9 Aug 2002
So Mozilla is ignoring my stylesheet? You suprise, shock, and amaze me. [Reply]
From Sarabian on 9 Aug 2002
It actually looks fine in Moz 1.1
Where values of fine ~ still bloody weird ascii website - gaaaaaagh [Reply]
From Laurabelle on 9 Aug 2002
A couple of weeks ago I set the "minimum font size" option in Mozilla 1.0 (which is lovely since I have a 1600x1200 screen and some sites set their font sizes just too darned small for me to make out at all) which meant that when I loaded the page all I got was a load of nonsense ascii filling the screen. I unset the minimum-font-size and maximized the window - and still it's nearly illegible.

Nice idea, but somehow I feel it wasn't tested quite enough. :-) [Reply]
From dearg on 9 Aug 2002
I think it looks quite cool, myself.

Well done, that man. [Reply]
From lonecat on 9 Aug 2002
For the benefit of those of you lucky enough not to be using IE5.0 - http://www.bath.ac.uk/~csmsmm/aq-ascii.gif Apparently it's actually spacing the text correctly. Weird. [Reply]

[site Entry]Thursday, August 8th 2002 18:47

The Vanishing Buffometer

It's been noticed, so I should really explain. The Buffometer, like the webcam and the "listening to" bit, is part of the Wonderful Dynamic Aquarionics Bit. Basically, the Buffometer only appears if it's been updated in two weeks. Likewise the webcam will vanish if it dies for five days, and the listening to is current to two.

Because I dislike outdated things being on the front page :-)

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From Maria on 9 Aug 2002
This is obviously why the whole of the front page is now ASCII :)
I guess it gets around all those annoying licensing problems from JPGs and stuff :)

[Aquarionics Entry]Thursday, August 8th 2002 17:02


The Aquaricam is back :-)

The drivers are as flakey as they ever were (And it's over a year now since the Aquaricam was taken down for crapness beyond the pale) although they seem to work better under Win2k.

Anyhow, the new webcam is here. Knock yourself out :-)

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From nattie on 9 Aug 2002
*takes rolling-pin and bludeons herself over the head with it* Ow. You told me to, you bast. *runs off in tears because it didn't work and she's still conscious* [Reply]

[Aquarionics Entry]Wednesday, August 7th 2002 20:08


Aquarionics Archives are back online. Bet none of you missed them :-)

The archive page used to be the only place where older entries could be got at, but since January that hasn't been true, and search engines were linking to both the front page and archive pages, which was suboptimal. So I've rewritten the archive page to use the calendar function I originally wrote for NSD. Go Go Gadget Code-Reuse.

It also means the "Aquarion's Calendar" stuff is coming back, since I am now able to write it in a way that doesn't use 31 seperate SQL Accesses(!!!!) per month. Isn't expertise-level improvement wonderful?. The new commenting system is now worked out, but is going to have implimentation issues, mainly that there are now six hundred messages attached to five types of database object (Gosh, number of comments will soon overtake number of entries, which is cool, since comments have only been running since the 21st December), so until I can work out how I can work out which comment belongs to which original entry, and then put that into the right field, the sooner I write Aq2TreeOComments 2.0...

Oh, the code for the new comments system is in /src/, (Automatically, since all /src/ is is a list of symlinks to the code Aquarionics actually uses)

And I was accused of being from the netherlands last night by St-lemer, which was Odd

In less interesting news, I managed to sleep from midnight until 14:30 today, which is odd and frankly scary. Regular sleep patten time, methinks...

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From Aquarion on 8 Aug 2002
I got through that entire post without mentioning the location of the new archives. They are at http://www.aquarionics.com/archive.php [Reply]
From lonecat on 8 Aug 2002
New style for comments? I like it :-) However, I do not like IE 5.0. http://www.bath.ac.uk/~csmsmm/acronym.gif It does seem to be able to display Epistula without any little boxes, however.. [Reply]

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