Womble (womble@pc3-camb6-0-cust103.cam.cable.ntl.com) joined the channel
<ppint> eh-oh benwom
<Womble> Hello
<Womble> There's a plane in the World Trade Center
<ppint> intentionally ?
<Womble> I don't think so
<Womble> http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_1537000/1537469.stm
<Womble> It's a good thing they thought of that when designing it
<ppint> what floor is it on ?
**** Ally-away (~A.Dent-00@host217-32-124-185.hg.mdip.bt.net) joined the channel
<Ally-away> lo
<ppint> gbye ally
<Womble> I don't know
**** Babe (~A.Dent-00@host217-32-155-165.hg.mdip.bt.net) joined the channel
<Babe> grr
<ppint> gbye ally, eh-oh babe
**** Thomas (alpha@pF9s04a07.client.global.net.uk) joined the channel
<Babe> afternoon ppint. hi tommy
<Thomas> grrr
<Thomas> call waiting
<agb-work> hmm, can't get to the bbc
<Carol> Try CNN.com instead
<Thomas> what's occured?
<Carol> Plane crashed into world trade centre
<ppint> light aircraft ?
<Thomas> good grief.. 0_0
<Carol> looks pretty big actually
<ppint> :-((
<Shivetya> .no papers claim Boeing 737
<Jens> ben: what do you mean by "It's a good thing they thought of that when designing it"?
<Carol> 2 planes according to skynews.co.uk/
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<Carol> Says they suspect a 'deliberate terrorist attack'
<Rhys> fucking hell
<ppint> ehuggyhi-oh sister rhys
<Babe> hello rhysssbro
<Rhys> watching bbc1
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-20-120.btinternet.com] ACTION huggles sister ppint.
<Carol> skynews.co.uk/ seems to have the best coverage so far
<Jens> Carol: 2 planes? I read it as 1 plane making two holes
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[agb-work!fwuser@] ACTION thinks somebody in drafting is using all the bandwidth
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<Martin> hey
<Carol> It definitely says two planes
<Shivetya> http://www.sky.com/skynews/storytemplate/storytoppic/0,,30000-1029102,00.html
<Martin> di you see it then?
[Martin!~mpwisse@kbl-mdb1064.zeelandnet.nl] ACTION was just watching CNN when they showed a plane hitting the World trade Center
<Rhys> martin: i saw that too
<Aq-Sims> 10 past nine, NY-time
<Aq-Sims> Have just crashed into the World Trade Center
<agb-work> martin: that was the second one, apparently
<Aq-Sims> BBC News just gone into Emergancy mode
<Thomas> bloody hell...
<Martin> yeah, they said so
<ppint> beeb1 analyst says from film of planes hitting, onw was a light twin-engined passener plane; 2nd was a light twin-engined one also.
<Rhys> wonder how many people were working on the top floors at the time
<Jens> Ahh, it's changed... it said one plane in a version from seven minutes earlier, presumably that came from a transparent proxy
<Aq-Sims> Hijacked plane
<Aq-Sims> (First one)
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<Martin> some rumours of a suicide mission
<Martin> second plane was weird; it just crashed into it
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<Rhys> second one looked like it deliberately banked right into it, so must've been a suicide mission
[ppint!arachne_us@i-m-t.demon.co.uk] ACTION saw no parachute (film of 2nd) - so suicide, yes
<Martin> eah, but it looked like a commuter plane...
<Rhys> 2nd one looked quite small; some kind of executive jet
<ppint> martin: hi-jackable but also readily charterable
<Martin> true
<Jens> sky news has updated again
<Aq-Sims> Small Passanger plane
<Jens> new picture showing second impact
<Aquarion> Cut to CNN(?)
<Thomas> jesus....
<Rhys> bloody hell, 50,000 workers would have been in the building
<Aquarion> Boeing 737
<Aquarion> Second plane
<Aquarion> (According to merkin reporter at scene)
<Jens> CNN.com seems to be down, ir is that just me?
<Thomas> this is just... insane... the whole tower could have come down, surely?
<agb-work> nope, I'm having trouble too
<Thomas> jens: probably overloaded
<Aquarion> I'd not be suprised
<agb-work> thomas: you sure that wasn't the idea?
<Aquarion> NY Not letting anyone within 5 miles of the place
<ppint> first hit c. 80th floor (v.nr. top); second c. 60th floor of other tower
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-20-120.btinternet.com] ACTION can't get news.bbc.co.uk working either, overloaded too
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<Aquarion> All planes stopped.
<Thomas> in/out of jfk?
<Aquarion> ...probably middle east...
<P-work> It's reported a passenger plane was hijacked before the second hit.
<Jens> re susan
<P-work> If so, and that was a 737, that could have been a 737 full of random people...
<Aquarion> ..BBC person was in the building
<Aquarion> "tehre was a Big Bang"
<P-work> No shit, Sherlock
<Womble> Thomas, Jens: As I said, the towers were designed to withstand a plane crash
<Rhys> thomas: in/out of all airports in NY
<Aquarion> "Mild Panic"
<Thomas> 'k
<Thomas> "mild" panic?
<Aquarion> "People streaming out of the building"
<Aquarion> Apparently
<Thomas> s/streaming/screaming?
<Martin> People in panic" accordign to cnn
<Aquarion> Nope, St
<Carol> Apparently they are evacuating all the other 'landmark buildings' just in case this is the first of a major attack
<Aquarion> Not much panic, according to BBC person
<Thomas> brb
<ccooke> god, this is going to cause trouble
<ccooke> this is really going to cause trouble.
<ccooke> wars have started for a lot less.
<Aquarion> There wasn't a warning. At all.
<agb-work> womble: yeah, but what sort of plane?
<ppint> merkia bombs libya again (because it can, and because wubbya has to look "strong") ?
<ccooke> ppint: and hat does nothing about the problem.
<Womble> agb: Probably 747. Worst case scenario.
<agb-work> womble: make sense
<Martin> 747? wouldn't that make a lot bigger hole?
<agb-work> sorry, makes
<Aquarion> Six dead
<ppint> cc: of course not. nor did bombing libya first time around.
<Aquarion> 1k injured
<agb-work> martin: we're talking tower design
<P-work> Is a 747 worst-case? Greatest mass, but not so fast.
<Womble> Martin: Sure it would make a hole, but it shouldn't knock the towers right down.
<P-work> Worst-case accident, I suppose.
<agb-work> aq: sounds like a lucky escape with those numbers
<Aquarion> confirmed dead, anyway
<Martin> probably be a lot more dead...
<ppint> 2nd plane looked like an 8-14 seater passenger aircraft
<P-work> Better than a 737, then...
**** Tommo (alpha@pCEs08a07.client.global.net.uk) joined the channel
<Aquarion> 2nd was Boeing 737
<Thomas> were they both 737s?
<Aquarion> Don't know about 1st
<Martin> aqua: how do you know?
<ppint> we don't yet know
<Aquarion> Watching BBC news
<agb-work> from the picture on cnn, that was a 737
<Martin> could've beem
<Aquarion> A merkin reporter watched and recognised it
<Rhys> someone needs to call in steve mcqueen and paul newman
<amy> wheeeee
<Thomas> well, one of 'em's dead...
<Shivetya> #2 aircraft looks like a 737 to me
<Thomas> so he can't come.. he's got a note from his mum, though, so it's ok
[amy!~a@ti29a80-0963.bb.online.no] ACTION just totally beat some guy in a rather unofficial bike race :)
<Aquarion> Evacuating within 200m of towers
<Thomas> amy: we're a bit pre-occupied
<amy> thomas: whatcha doing then?
<Aquarion> Amy: Two planes have just crashed into the World Trade Centers
<Aquarion> Dubya:
<Thomas> amy: check your news
<amy> blah, stupid news
<Thomas> stupid news?
<Aquarion> National Tradedy...
<amy> yepp, news are always stupid by my account
<Rhys> hmmm; wouldn't want to be a terrorist in the near future. i think dubya is an imbecile, but i can't imagine him taking this sorta shit without doing something
<Thomas> god knows how many people have just lost their lives and you dismiss it as STUPID news?!
<amy> thomas: yes hth
<Aquarion> ...Full Scale Investigation to hunt down and find those folks... ...won't stand terrorism...
<Thomas> fuck, where's your soul?
<Aquarion> ...Going back to washington...
<Aquarion> Both planes were hijacked in Boston
<amy> thomas: sorry, it's just how I feel about things
<Thomas> tsk
<Jens> "Breaking news: the world trade center was struck by terrorists in 1993." -- ananova.com obviously uses September time
<Aquarion> Dip-ed. Four days ago, the US issued a world wide alert.
<Aquarion> They knew something was going to happen.
<Womble> We have a large TV here, but the aerial is hiding somewhere
<agb-work> so airport security should have been stepped up
**** Thomas (alpha@pCEs08a07.client.global.net.uk) joined the channel
<Womble> Ha! US airport security is fscking amateurish.
<Aquarion> ...swift retalitory action against whoever they thing is responsible...
<Womble> Shoot first, ask questions later
<Thomas> womble: having been through it many times, i'm inclined to agree
<ccooke> yay! it'll hurt less if we kill a few more people!
<Womble> That seems to satisfy the US herd^Wpublic
<ppint> _two_ small passenger planes stolen from boston airport and _both_ flown to nyc and they didn't notice ? seems strangely lackadaisical to this ppint.
<Womble> The Grauniad says "It has been reported that the FBI was investigating reports of the hijack of a passenger plane before the crashes.
<Womble> "
<Aquarion> nod
<ppint> (not sure it'd be fair to criticise for not shooting both down before they reached nyc, but...)
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<Ally-away> well fuck me
<Thomas> re ally
<Aquarion> No.
<Thomas> quite
<agb-work> does a 737 count as small? up to 100 passengers
<Martin> ppint: not much you can do once they're hijacked, eh? shooting down isn't really an option...
<Aquarion> FCVO Small
<Alistair> jester: 120 in some configurations
<Thomas> isn't it just a step down from a 747?
<ppint> jester: small passenger - yes; not light aircraft, no.
<Rhys> sky news has the best coverage atm (for those with it)
<Jens> thomas: no
<Martin> 747 can hold aroun 300 people, if not more
<Thomas> ok...
<Martin> 737, on an easyjet flight can hold 120? or so people
<Aquarion> Reports:
<P-work> 157 is the maximum for a 737, I think
<Aquarion> 3rd Passanger plane has been hijacked
<Thomas> a 3rd?
<Martin> 3rd?
<Thomas> oh jeez...
<Aquarion> Location unknown
<agb-work> shit
<Jens> 747-400 can hold over 400 in all-economy config
<ccooke> fuck.
<agb-work> how can they lose a plane?
<Thomas> from bostron?
<Thomas> -r
<Aquarion> nod
<Jens> jester: over sea, or flying low
<agb-work> do they have any security at boston?
<Aquarion> It takes about an hour
<Thomas> not lady liberty.. not lady liberty...
<Aquarion> to get from one to another
<Aquarion> Which means .mil.us doesn't stand a chance
<ppint> jester: not a lot, it's reported
<Alistair> jester: against people holding passengers hostage, not really, no.
<Aquarion> More reports:
<Aquarion> From Routers.
<Aquarion> Palistinan group claims responsiblity
<Martin> url?
<Aquarion> Dunno (Via BBC)
<Alistair> aqua: probably every group on the planet will claim responsibility for something this high profile
<Aquarion> Alistair: That's what the BBC are saying, too :)
<Rhys> unconfirmed reports of a third hijacked plane and an explosion at the pentagon according to sky news
<Thomas> the pentagon?
<Thomas> jeeez...
<Rhys> unconfirmed, but that's why sky news said
<Jens> A person who answered the phone on the trading floor at interdealer-broker Cantor Fitzgerald, located near the top of the World Trade Center, said: "We're dying," then hung up. There was screaming and yelling in the background. A follow up call was not answered. -- www.skynews.co.uk
<Aquarion> Confirmed.
<Aquarion> The executive buildings of the pentagon
<Aquarion> "Vice President's residency?"
<Thomas> i don't want to cast shadows, but this is WW3 starting stuff.. :(
<Aquarion> This is the area behind the pentagon
<ppint> thomas: if committed by a sizeable nationstate, yes.
<Aquarion> The White House has been evacuated...
<Carol> Thomas: Yep. I'm scared
<agb-work> shit: the other one of the first 2 is thought to be a 767
<Rhys> aq: i would've been surprised if they hadn't done that anyway
<Thomas> jeesus
<Thomas> they're quite big
<Jens> ppint: Nato and the US have been painting terrorist as the Next Big Threat for how long?
<ccooke> fucking. hell.
<agb-work> up to 269 passengers
<Aquarion> Washington:
<ppint> jens: so who should merkins nuke ?
<Thomas> libya?
<Thomas> iraq?
<ppint> thomas: already suggested, above
<Aquarion> "Dramatic Day"
<Rhys> the whitehouse and the pentagon have AA stuff though iirc
<Shivetya> 'they say' Pentagon is on fire as well
<Aquarion> Well, buildings behind the pentagon
[Thomas!alpha@pCEs08a07.client.global.net.uk] ACTION hugs Carol.. we're Britain.. we always survive these things
<Aquarion> No, the actual pentagon.
<Rhys> thomas: i bet security around the HOP and the palace etc. is being beefed up somewhat atm...
<Aquarion> not the third plane
<Jens> ppint: everyone?
<Aquarion> The pentagon was 'just' a bomn
<Thomas> of course this couldn't happen while clinton was in power, no they've got to wait till Dubya was on the throne...
<ccooke> attacking anyone could push people into something we'll all regret
<ppint> thomas: while clinton was p, they could hope for merkin pressure upon ariel sharon...
<Rhys> aircraft crashed near DOD buildings
**** Sam (webmistres@ool-18bc654b.dyn.optonline.net) joined the channel
<Jens> Thomas: I'm sure they didn't exactly regret his election, no
<Aquarion> Sam is in NY, for those who don't know
<Sam> hi
<Jens> hi Sam
<Thomas> hey
<ppint> huggggasam
<Sam> I can see the smoke from my room :(
<Thomas> what's it like down there?
<Rhys> hey Sam
<Sam> and for those that don't know, the Pentagon is on fire
<Thomas> yeah, we've got live feeds
<Aquarion> The washington mall is on fire, apparently
<Sam> well, I'm in Brooklyn, so luckily it's not crazy here. my parents are deciding whether I'm going to school or not...
<agb-work> isn't that generally quite busy?
<ppint> sam: we've been watching same on bbc, itv, sky...
<Stewart> Lots of news websites are not responding.....
<Aquarion> Stewart: You suprise me, You really do...
<Carol> So what happened to the third plane?
<Aquarion> Okay, the Palistinan group has backed down.
<Aquarion> They don't know yet
<Aquarion> Dubya is flying between the two
<Sam> there was no third plane I thought. a security plane.
<ccooke> palestinian group?
<Sam> I'm not going to school
<Aquarion> Sam: A third plane was hijacked at Boston
<Carol> Sam: according to some reports a 3rd plane was hijacked
<Aquarion> At the same time as the two that went into the WTC
<Rhys> cc: the peoples front for the liberation of palestine or somesuch
<ppint> sam: sounds sensible
<Aquarion> cc: Claimed responsibliy about 20 mins ago
<Thomas> so if the pentagon was a bomb.. then there's a 3rd plane still out there?
<Aquarion> nod
<Thomas> bites lip
<Rhys> claimed responsibility for the crashes on tv in abu-dabi (?) now back down
<Rhys> +ed
<Aquarion> BBC seem to think the Pentagon was the third plane
<Rhys> whoa, all air traffic across the _whole_ of america stopped
<Martin> totatl closure of airports in us now
<Sam> CNN is confusing me.
**** Korenwolf (~markl@markl.tech.ensign.ftech.net) joined the channel
<Womble> The Guardian now says an American Airlines 767, not a 737
<Thomas> hey mark
<Korenwolf> yo
<agb-work> womble: skynews says one of each
<Sam> SHIT! every airport in the US is closed!
<Martin> yeah, cnn said that a while ago
<Aquarion> nod
<Sam> ok, damn.
<Jens> Finally news coming on feebie .se TV (TV4)
<Sam> I can't juggled 5 IM windows, the phone, and CNN grr
<Sam> -d
<Carol> Sam: If I was as close as you I don't think I'd want to know
<PerfDrug> Four explosions - 2 WTC, 1 on the pentagon, one on the Washington Mall
[Aquarion!na@aquarion.demon.co.uk] ACTION wishes BBC news had a backup server...
<Rhys> sky.com is the only news site i can actually get working
[ppint!arachne_us@i-m-t.demon.co.uk] ACTION believes the most likely responsible groups are palestinian/sympathisers, and merkia's own militias
<Sam> it smells faintly of smoke in here :(
<ppint> have to wait and see - possibly a long time.
<Aquarion> "Radical Islamic Group"?
<Womble> Sam: Says there are bits of paper from the offices drifting over Brooklyn...
<Sam> yeah...I can see a light dust outside
<Carol> apparently there are rumours of another few hijacked planes up there still
<Thomas> "few"
<george> anyone heard the death counts yet?
<Carol> 7-8 in total
<Alistair> hah
<Aquarion> 1k injured
<Rhys> carol: plus however many were on the planes...
<Alistair> everyone above the explosions is dead,at least
<Thomas> they won't know death counts for days..
<ccooke> alistair: no.
<ppint> alistair is welcome to go over and into the wtc and count.
<Alistair> cc?
<Sam> I'm afraid the top halves are going to fall off
<Carol> Rhys: No, that's the rumoured number of hijacked planes up there
<Aquarion> Sam: They were built not to.
<agb-work> carol: shit!
<ccooke> alistair: many of the people there will be dead. not everyone. maybe, if there is luck, not even half.
<Shivetya> US confirms a/c crashed in Pentagon
<Sam> ahh! they just showed the second plane footage. I did not want to see that.
<Womble> I don't ever want to see that again
<Alistair> cc: nice as it would be, i don't honestly believe more than a handful of people could possibly survive the explosion and subsequent vast amounts of smoke in the floors above the explosions.
<Sam> I think I'm going to be sick
<ccooke> alistair: depends where the smoke is.
<Alistair> cc: everywhere
<Thomas> this is unreal..
<Rhys> carol: ah, sorry
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-41-5.btinternet.com] ACTION has just turned the radio on :((
<Aquarion> Apparently the "6 dead, 1k injured" stats might be wrong, these are the stats for the 1993 bomb
<Sam> right, now they nuke us and take over the country...
<Womble> Yes, I noticed the correlation
<Senji> Dedicated channel on irc.openprojects.net/ at #worldtradecenter
<Aquarion> Third Explosion!
<Womble> Sam: No, now the US nukes some random countries
<Rhys> 'nother explosion at world trade center
<Rhys> fuck
<Rhys> that picture
<Aquarion> Another building
<Thomas> another plane? bomb?
<agb-work> after effects or what?
<Sam> after effects I think
<Aquarion> Bomb. Lost connection to Steve (local correspondant)
<Thomas> tower's fallen down?
<Sam> it looks like all of Manhattan's on fire
<Rhys> good god
<Carol> aparently one tower has collapsed
[Jens!~jensayton@c-449f70d5.010-6-76786a2.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] ACTION adds tv4 news to list of overloaded servers
<Thomas> The south tower's gone down? is that right? i'm getting o
<Aquarion> Third explosion was collapsong tower
<Thomas> oh god....
<Aquarion> Not WTC, Thomas, no
<Thomas> ah ok...
<Thomas> apparently yes, WTC
<Sam> well, part of the south tower, not the whole thing
<Aquarion> Oh fuck
<Aquarion> Yes, it was the south tower
<lonecat> The boss is looking for a TV now
<Aquarion> This...
<Womble> is the worst thing I've ever seen
<Aquarion> ...this is horrific. This is a new world war.
<Sam> somehow, the view from my back window is worse
<Rhys> whoever did this needs to _pay_
<ccooke> aqua: god, it had better not be.
<Dianora> holy fucking shit
<ccooke> whatever it is, though...
<george> aqua: hardly a new world war
<Dianora> one of the towers is coming down
<Dianora> holy cow
<ccooke> it's going to be bad.
<Rhys> Dianora: it's pretty much down
<Dianora> Rhys: not from the pictures I have seen...
<Dianora> but wow
<Aquarion> We can't see for the smoke
<Sam> the sky right above me is blue. then rapidly, grey to black towards Manhattan. it smells outside and I just saw a cloud of ashes fly past my window. I'm fucking scared.
<Thomas> oh god.. the south tower is the tourist one :(
<Stewart> You know that the world trade center is one of the biggest NAPs in the states.
<Rhys> sam: how far away are you?
<hippo> Sam : how far away are you ?
<Rhys> NAP?
<Womble> Sam: It might be a good idea to close the windows if you haven't already.
<Womble> Sam: That smoke could be very unpleasant.
<Dianora> network access point
<Stewart> Network Access Point - i.e this could break large chuncks of the 'net.
<Dianora> Sam: you at work?
<Rhys> ah
<Sam> I'm in east Brooklyn, right by the Queens boarder
<Dianora> NAP is where they peer
<Dianora> its like a telephone exchange point
<Aquarion> What is going to happen in half an hour?
<Dianora> very very roughly
**** Rand (~Webchat@ joined the channel
<Alistair> most of the rescue staff must be dead now
<Thomas> hey rand
<Dianora> Alistair :-(
<Rhys> 'rand
<Rand> hi folks....guess it's time off work now :/
<ppint> alistair: could be, not must be.
<Aquarion> At 9ish, the Planes. At 9:30, the pentagon. At 10, the tower.
**** tamara (t_rigg@ras13-p95.tlv.netvision.net.il) joined the channel
<ccooke> rand: ?
<george> alistair: yes :( trying to evacuate when the tower collaped
<Dianora> its hard to work with this going on, no matter where you are ;-(
<Rhys> they've had 3/4 of an hour to evacuate most of the lower parts of the tower
<Alistair> ppint: most must
<Alistair> not all, but most
<Rand> cc : everyone is too worried
<Dianora> 10 ? what tower?
<Rhys> hope they got them far away enough
<Aquarion> American time
<ccooke> rand: aye.
<Sam> I was supposed to go to the WTC 2 weeks ago.
<Dianora> Aquarion what tower?
<Rhys> hi tam hugs
<Aquarion> Dianora: The south tower
<Thomas> the south tower of the WTC collapsed
<Dianora> oh collapse ;-(
<Dianora> shit
<george> dianora: probably the third explosion that collapsed it
<Dianora> sorry
<Dianora> they've just closed all airports in the united states
<Dianora> thats amazing
<Dianora> nothing is supposed to be flying now
<Womble> Dianora, I think your news coverage is running a little bit behind (due to translation?)
<Aquarion> Apart from those in the air, at leastr
<Dianora> Womble: I just came downstairs from watching that
<Dianora> so I guess it is
<Rand> Dian : apart from the other hijacked planes...possibly up to 8 in toto
<Rhys> Dianore: yeah, that happened about 20/25 mins ago
<Rhys> dianora sorry
<Womble> Rand: Do we have a source for that?
<Aquarion> Canary Wharf has been evacuated.
<ccooke> if they see flying aircraft now...
<Dianora> Rand: ;-(
<ccooke> what do they do?
<Thomas> oh god...
<Rhys> cc: shoot the bastards down
<ccooke> send out fighters?
<Rand> ananova - one of the few news sites that isn't slashdotted
<george> aqua: in london? why?
<Thomas> in which case, the HoP might ahve been too
<Aquarion> Just in case.
<george> wheee
<Womble> george: The UK licks the boots of the US.
<hippo> I'm would imagine the us is on full military alert
<Shivetya> whole of south tower is confirmed don
<Sam> my dad just called and told me there was an explosion halfway between the Pentagon and Washington Mall, not 2 explosions. anyone else hear this?
<Shivetya> down
<Aquarion> Mr Blair
<P-work> Shoot them down with passengers in?
<Rhys> bet they've gone up a defcon or two
<Aquarion> He doesn't know about the south tower
<agb-work> peter: shot down or crashed, the passengers are in trouble
<Thomas> P: welcome to the military mind
<Dianora> P-Work: they are dead anyway ;-(
<Rhys> peter: depends where they're heading
<george> ben: yes but...
<Dianora> once a terrorist has hijacked the plane...
<Womble> george: The UK supports US bombing missions.
<Aquarion> ...Eradicate this evil...
<george> ben: if you say so
<Shivetya> the bombers bombing Libya in the eighties started from UK airfields, IIRC
<Womble> Yep. No other country in Europe would even allow the planes over their airspace.
<Thomas> another pentagon explosion?
<Dianora> CNN is down according to /.
<Thomas> can anyone confirm/deny?
<Jens> http://cats.meow.at/~mariab/wsi.jpg
<Womble> The BBC was saying two explosions near the Pentagon, I believe.
<agb-work> thomas: looks like it
<Thomas> from sky
<Dianora> www.cnn.com is down.
<Rhys> oh, news.bbc seems to be starting to work
<Dianora> no response
<george> dianora: I have heard this... but it being due to overload
**** Warwick (irc@pc3-woki2-0-cust33.gui.cable.ntl.com) joined the channel
<Dianora> george: more than likely
<Thomas> hey paul
<Rand> latest is the downing of a helo onroute to Whitehouse.
<Aquarion> It's not pinging
[Martin!~mpwisse@kbl-mdb1064.zeelandnet.nl] ACTION is relieved to hear from friends in New York
<Aquarion> news.bbc is at least responding.
<Dianora> tracerouting now
<Dianora> Martin: I have a friend in washington
<Carol> apparently they are evacuating canary wharf now
<Dianora> 8 atl-edge-05.inet.qwest.net/ ( 58.156 ms * 57.514 ms
<Dianora> 9 * *
<george> blimey!
<Thomas> no friends in NY/washington, thank christ
<Thomas> carl: that's how near you?
<Thomas> carol
<Rhys> aq: i couldn't get it to work earlier, it's working now, just v slowly
<Dianora> 1000 users in #wtc on ircnet I'm told
<george> roughly 50 000 people employed in those two towers
<Dianora> ok I get to hop 9 to www.cnn.com from BSDi.com in minn.
<Carol> Thomas: One stop on the DLR
<Shivetya> 994, actually :)
<Rand>50 blocks away so should be fairly safe
<Thomas> hmm.. DLR.. 20 metres?
<Aquarion> Eyewitness reports:
<Aquarion> "You were walking, or driving?"
<Aquarion> "I was running"
<george> I was running
<Korenwolf> Carol: two
<Rand> capitol hill - boom
<Thomas> 2.. ok
<Carol> Korenwolf: Not if you get on at Heron Quays
<Korenwolf> :)
<george> what was that?
<ppint> carol: there's no reason to suppose that anything's happening in the uk
<Thomas> exactly...
<Carol> Except paranoia
<Aquarion> .aus PM is in NY at the moment, apparently...
<ppint> but that we can have at any time
<Womble> Which western country was the last one to have terrorists crash a plane on it?
<ccooke> Scotland, IIRC. but I don't think that was deliberate.
<Aquarion> Scenes in Manhatten
<Aquarion> mass panic.
<agb-work> unconfirmed reports the collapse was caused by a 3rd plane
<Womble> There's an evacuee on BBC
<ppint> cc: and sfaiaa, it's still as likely to've been syria, as libya, that was responsible for that - and syria's made things up with merkia quite some way, these past ten years
<Shivetya> Taliban, perhaps?
[Stewart!~stewart@otter.highwayone.net] ACTION is going to get a radio bbs
<Thomas> don't all planes have GPS?
<Thomas> or similar?
<Rand> Thomas : yep, but you can turn it off
<P-work> Rand: What was that about capitol hill?
<Womble> Thomas: Yeah but they don't transmit their location
<ppint> shiv: taliban have the hatred, and shelter terrorists - but i doubt they have the mind-set to consider aught like this
<P-work> GPS receives the signal from satellites, it doesn't transmit.
<Thomas> explosion at capitol hill
<Dianora> all commercial flights have to have radar transponders
**** ach (~ach@gate.tao-group.com) left the channel
<Thomas> hmm.. ok
<Dianora> I do not believe those can be turned off
<Womble> Dianora: Yes, though that's a bit different
<Rhys> thomas: where'd you hear that?
<Womble> Explosions good for Euro, says BBC
<Dianora> certaintly any pilot hijacked is not going to go out of their way to explain about the radar transponder to their terrorist hijacker
<agb-work> rhys: it's on the radio
<Thomas> dunno
<Rhys> nods
<Thomas> i'm egtting other reports from mates
<Dianora> Womble: aye.. but at least they know what plane it is, what attitude it is
<Dianora> hahah oops altitude
<Thomas> one of them's got about 20 news channels
<Dianora> not attitude, we already know that
<Shivetya> thomas: no, GPS is not used much in commercial airliners
<P-work> Dianora: No pilot would fly the plane into the buildings. Therefore the terrorists must have piloting skills and be at the controls.
<P-work> Therefore they'll know about the transponders and turn them off.
<P-work> These must have been hijackers who could fly the planes themselves.
<ppint> shiv: but bear in mind single greatest terrorist attack upon merkin govt. employees was by a merkin of the militiaist tendency
<Shivetya> ppint: yup, but he was on his own. This is on another scale entirely
<Martin> any group who did this will not be happy in a little while...
<Aquarion> Cap Hill NOT attacked
<Womble> Peter: That much makes sense. However they might not be very familiar with commercial planes.
<tamara> bbl - going to try find my cousin
**** tamara (t_rigg@ras13-p95.tlv.netvision.net.il) left the channel
<ppint> there are a lot of military-trained pilots in the militias.
<Womble> "car bomb outside US State Dept", says the BBC
<ppint> i think it's probably palestinian-related, but it may not be.
<hippo> does anybody know what sort of planes involved ?
<Dianora> http://support.kw.bbc.co.uk/support/mrtg/internet/
<Shivetya> why would the palestinians do it?
<Shivetya> .il will nuke them all the way to the gates of hades with USA applauding
<ppint> shiv: wubbya support for sharon's attacks on them.
<Shivetya> or vice verrsa
<Rhys> bloody hell, how about this for lucky: on some message boards i browse:
<Rhys> "My father works in the World Trade Center. I woke up this morning from a phone call from my aunt, who told me about the attacks. I was so scared that I couldn't even react to the news. I had to wait about ten minutes but my dad finally called; he and my mom woke up late this morning so he wasn't on time for work. "
<Aquarion> Car Bomb Confirmed.
<Sam> gah. just heard a plane overhead and freaked
<ppint> sam: huggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
<Rhys> huggggles sam
<Sam> hugs
<agb-work> hippo: looks like 737 & 767 at wtc
<hippo> ouch
[amy!~a@ti29a80-0963.bb.online.no] ACTION hugs sam too
<Carol> passenger aircraft that were hijacked earlier
<Carol> thats's the worst bit
<Carol> they just didn't care who got killed shudder
<ppint> carol: i've seen/heard no report on passengers in them; so they may've been empty ?
<Sam> AHH the other tower collapsed
<Shivetya> gods
<Carol> ppint: one report stated 100 passengers
<Thomas> fuck
<Aquarion> Oh hell
[Aquarion!na@aquarion.demon.co.uk] ACTION waits for the BBC to get it's act together
<Womble> Sam: Are you sure?
<ppint> carol: thank-you. :-((
<Rand> Sam : that recent? I've heard conflicting reports on that one
<Sam> I'm positive
<Sam> I just saw it happen live
<Jens> Summarising and collecting picture links at http://hem.bredband.net/jenayt/wtc.html
<ppint> womble, rand: sam saw it; itv are now confirming
<hippo> confirmed on bbc
<Aquarion> BBC are also confirming
<Thomas> hmm.. hijacked plane moving towards washington
[lonecat!~lonecat@] ACTION reads http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/21606.html and bursts out laughing
<lonecat> not in a good way
<Sam> it looks like the top part became unstable and just took the rest down
[Thomas!alpha@pCEs08a07.client.global.net.uk] ACTION just saw the video
<Rhys> hmmm...the live pics on bbc show the 2nd tower still standing
<Thomas> no.. it's gone
<Rhys> "supposedly" live
<Aquarion> Defcon 3
<Thomas> ah..
<Shivetya> have anyone tried to find out if the date is significant?
<Rhys> on bbc1 now, you can still see the tower with the big masty thing on top
<Thomas> hmm.. talk of paranoia.. they've evac-ed the LSE
<Sam> Hudson discovered Manhattan on Sep 11...
<Aquarion> Gosh, this is serious. CBBC has been moved to bbc2...
**** Johanna (~Jo@pc3-woki2-0-cust33.gui.cable.ntl.com) joined the channel
<Womble> How about Washington and Pittsburgh though?
<Shivetya> thomas: LSE?
<Rhys> ah, pictures are not live
<Thomas> hey jo
<Rhys> london stock exchange
<Shivetya> ok
<Johanna> hi
<Thomas> London Stock Exchnge
<Thomas> Pittsburgh?
<Aquarion> Just watched WTC2 collapsed
<Rhys> yeah
<Aquarion> "Clearly the US is under attack"
**** belafon (~susans@ joined the channel
<Womble> Thomas: This is about third-hand...
<Aquarion> NSS
<Rhys> aq: well, durrrrr
<Rhys> :-)
<Rhys> to whoever said it btw, not you :-)
<Shivetya> http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:-D6fbCrd3ps:www.thehistorynet.com/today/0911.htm+11.+september+in+history+today&hl=no
<Womble> Thomas: Apparently there was an another crash and possibly an attack on the FAA HQ there
**** Jens (jensayton@c-449f70d5.010-6-76786a2.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) joined the channel
<Stewart> They are now talking about a 4th plane heading for Washington
<Thomas> faa?
<Aquarion> nod
<Aquarion> Fedral Aviation Auth.
<Womble> Thomas: Federal Aviation Administration
<Johanna> Chicargo is being evacuated
**** falkor (mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com) joined the channel
<Rhys> federal avia...yeah that
<Thomas> ok cheers
<Rhys> the whole of chicago?
<Johanna> dunno
<Thomas> oh god not Chicago :(
<Aquarion> No, What the fuck happens at 11?
<Thomas> fuck.. i was nearly in chicago today
<Womble> Eoin's in Chicago
<Sam> part of the Pentagon has collapsed
<Womble> Nattie's mother is based there, but I don't know where she is now
<Thomas> Eoin's outisde it
**** Ruthi (rruthi@bzq-147-164.pop.bezeqint.net) joined the channel
<Womble> Not sure whether she's working or at home
<falkor> hi Ruthi
<Martin> this is like living in a Tom Clancy novel...
<Ruthi> hi hi all, hugs as and wheree
<Thomas> he's surrounding area - chicagoland
<Stewart> Thats what I was thinking.....
<Rhys> martin: that's exactly what i was thinking earlier
<Womble> Thomas: nod
<Sam> so was i
<ppint> sam: if they've had time to evacuate it (which they should have, by now), the building itself is no great loss really.
<Martin> somehow it's not as neat when it's real....
<Rhys> buildings can be rebuilt
<Rhys> fires can be extinguished
<Sam> no, but the technology and papers inside it...who knows
<Rhys> lives are lost forever
<Rand> Sam : offsite backups
<Shivetya> Tom Clancy managed to do it with just the one 747
<hippo> I would expect the pentagon to be prepared for terrorist attack, surely
<Rhys> he just flew it into capitol hill though
<Shivetya> hippo: what could they do, shoot it down? Anyway, the real stuff is under Cheyenne Mountain
<Sam> another plane crashed by Pittsburg? argh
<Martin> pittsburgh?
<Rhys> shivvy: yep, like the stargate
<Sam> and now car bomb at State Dept is being denyed
<Sam> denied.
<Johanna> the London SE has been evacuated
<agb-work> mutter radio reporter is going on about end of civilisation (slight paraphrase)
<Shivetya> civilization, perhaps, but not civilisation
<Thomas> oh yeah... good reporter.. go for the War of the Worlds effect
<agb-work> mostly because of the damage to the stock market
<agb-work> thomas: he mentioned that (radio 5)
<Aquarion> One of the planes was American Airlines
<Rhys> erm...was it just me or was the statue of liberty missing? g
<Stewart> They think its going to be the end of the western economy - I'm not sure about that.....
<Rhys> i'm pretty sure it was just hidden by the smoke
<Ruthi> Rhys: it was stolen!
<agb-work> aq: two united, one american
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-20-120.btinternet.com] ACTION imagines a guy running down the road with the statue of liberty in his backpack
<ccooke> stewart: damage it maybe.
<Womble> Yeah, the French took it back
[Stewart!~stewart@otter.highwayone.net] ACTION is glad that Naomi is over here atm.
<Thomas> damn looters
<ccooke> but destroying it would take something akin to nukes.
<ppint> stewart: there'll be some bargains being picked up around the world, with the shock collapsing trading confidence - maybe the rockefellers are responsible ?
<Aquarion> Israel is evacuating it's embassies
<Womble> Thomas: Knowing NY police, they'll just shoot the looters
<Sam> no, that's LAPD
<agb-work> pittsburgh one on the radio now too
<Aquarion> And we have 15 minutes.
<Carol> there are now rumours of a plane heading to canary wharf
<ppint> carol: from whom ?
<Womble> Sam: The NY police seem to have made a habit of shooting unarmed people without warning
<Thomas> all i can think of is independence day... but with out the alien ships.. it's us doing it.. all by ourselves...
<agb-work> just had an email from our managing director advising nobody to fly for 48 hours
<Carol> ppint - reported on a mailing list from someone who works there
<Rhys> thomas: yep, the human race doesn't need aliens to destroy things in a big way
<Sam> another plane is headed towards the Pentagon
<Shivetya> newspapers report lots of armed poolice being sent to the local US embassy (ordinary police is unarmed)
<Martin> another plane's heading towards pentagon
<Womble> One of my colleagues is probably somewhere in NY now
<Jens> Pics & links at http://hem.bredband.net/jenayt/wtc.html , updating avery few minutes
<Womble> Israeli embassies are all being evacuated
<Carol> rumour that US has declared war on pakistan - no idea where from yet
<Sam> what?!
<Martin> what?
<Aquarion> nod
<Womble> Pakistan's an ally.
<ppint> carol: some merkin as can't distinguish between pakistan & afghanistan ?
<Aquarion> Coming accross from the ircnet chanel
<Martin> might be, but also involved in afghanistan and with bin laden
<Womble> ppint: Their missiles can't...
<Stewart> Pakistan is a nuclear power - don't like that rumour.
<ppint> anyhow, merkia doesn't bother declaring war any more
[Carol!~carolf@babel.tynant.ftech.net] ACTION tries to decide whether to stay here or go home
<Womble> BBC is repeating the report of a crash 'in Pennsylvania' (which would be Pittsburgh
<Martin> yes, well, but not ont he scale of the US: capable of building nukes; no more then that
[Aquarion!na@aquarion.demon.co.uk] ACTION worries about Stephen Evans
<Stewart> Sky news are big on the hyperbole
[Stewart!~stewart@otter.highwayone.net] ACTION wishes I could get r5 on this radio.
<Aquarion> Get R4
<hippo> Stew : R4 have coverage
**** tamara (t_rigg@ras13-p7.tlv.netvision.net.il) joined the channel
<ppint> rehugggattamaroo
<Stewart> am frequecy?
<tamara> no luck...
<Womble> 720 I think?
<Ruthi> hi hug tamara
<tamara> al the phones out of the country are busy
<Womble> Or 198 on the LW band
<Ruthi> my sis is in Ny
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com] ACTION hugs Ruthi
<Stewart> Sky seem to be the clearest.
<Stewart> Are there any national news channels on fm?
<Aquarion> Yasser Arafat has condemed the attacks
<Womble> Well R4 is presumably all news now, and is somewhere between 92.4 and 94.6 MHz
<tamara> oh- just got a reply email from her
<Ruthi> hippo: I've talked to her via icq, she's all right now
**** Flexor (~flexor@11dyn126.beverw.casema.net) joined the channel
<Flexor> Hi all!
<Sam> oh fuck part of the WTC hit a building next to an elementary school causing an explosion
<hippo> hi Flexor
<Flexor> Bloody Hell!
<Womble> AP is reporting the crash of a 767 at the Somerset County Airport which is actually quiute a way from Pittsburgh
<Jens> hi flex
<Aquarion> Grief
[Stewart!~stewart@otter.highwayone.net] ACTION has found R4 fm - much better
<hippo> Flex : turn a radio or tv on
[Johanna!~Jo@pc3-woki2-0-cust33.gui.cable.ntl.com] ACTION is hopping between bbcnews24 and cnn
<Flexor> I know!
<Aquarion> Yasser Arafat has condemed the attacks - "Terrible and Unbeliever"
<Womble> Gosh, really?
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com] ACTION has R4 and bbc tv on
<Aquarion> Canary Wharf is not, repeat not evacuated
<Shivetya> that came put of the blue
<Stewart> Canary Wharf has not been exacuated apparantly.
<Flexor> I've got BBC on.
<agb-work> radio 5 confirming pittsburgh - 747
<Aquarion> FBI are confirming the carbomb
<Johanna> cnn have just confirmed 2nd plane heading for washington
<Jens> aq: state dept one? The one that was denied?
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com] ACTION wonders where the us airforce are ??
<Aquarion> Jens: Indeed
<Johanna> grounded?
<agb-work> Jo: radio 5 are reporting visual contact with that one
<Aquarion> hippo: Halfway between NY and Wash
<Aquarion> Dubya left NY about 15 past 9
<Sam> oh no...my mom's friend might have been in the WTC
<Sam> not NY, FLA
<Aquarion> Plane still on course to Pentagon
<Carol> Stewart: Yes it has - we can see it from here
<Johanna> CNN have no casualty figures except all NY hospitals are inundated
<Carol> That is - Canary Wharf has been evacuated
<Carol> Traffic around here is now horrendous
<Carol> Everyone seems to be going home
<Dianora> the u.s. Canada border is now closed btw
<Aquarion> Not actually evacuated, just panicking.
**** Thomas (alpha@p49s04a02.client.global.net.uk) joined the channel
<Thomas> what have i missed?
<ppint> dianora: how ?
<Carol> Aq: Would you want to be the security bod who told people to stay today?
<Aquarion> Nope
<Aquarion> I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that
<Carol> Rather evacuate without cause than let people sit and wait
<agb-work> looks like .au websites might be the best bet for coverage at the moment
<Dianora> ppint: what ?
<Womble> agb: Any suggestions?
<Johanna> one of the hijacked planes was from american airlines, will be making a statement soon
<Aquarion> Ananova is still fine
<ppint> dianora: how ?
<Dianora> ppint: how what?
<ppint> dianora: how is what you said possible ?
<Womble> Dianora: It's not actually possible to just close the border - there are many crossings that are unguarded.
<Dianora> ppint: what possible? closing of the border? they just closed the borders.
<Thomas> hmm.. can't reach my friend on the phone in merkia.. he lives in nebraska, but i want to make sure he hadn't made a sudden trip anywhere
<Sam> CNN already has a graphic
[Martin!~mpwisse@kbl-mdb1064.zeelandnet.nl] ACTION goes to cook (live goes on...)
<ppint> dianora: see womble's point
<Womble> (nor the southern border - consider the recent claim of 4.5 million wetbacks (illegal Mexican immigrants) in the US)
<Ruthi> Thomas: phone lines all very busy
<Thomas> spose
<ccooke> thomas: you and a small proportion of the civilised world.
<Jens> All road traffic in NYC cut off (both ways) (.se TV4)
<Dianora> ppint ok lemme scroll back
<hippo> caption on bbc us fighters patrolling Washington skies
<Thomas> when's 11:00?
<Dianora> womble: some crossings in remote areas are pretty much unpatrolled
<hippo> about 4 min
<Dianora> ppint: I missed wombles comment
<Johanna> international flights to US beinf diverted to Canada
<ppint> it took most of a day, to close just the west berlin - east berlin border
<Carol> Apparently Canary Wharf is no longer on red alert - it's stay if you want to only
<Aquarion> Unconfirmed: White house hit
<Thomas> bites lip
<Dianora> womble: you are right. I don't know if they can close completely or not
<ppint> dianora: how many people would it take to build and police a wire fence running the length of the merkia-canadadadada border ?
<Ruthi> ppint: many-many many -lots
<Stewart> I can get to this site: http://www.news.com.au/
<Carol> right - I'm going home while it's no longer red alert - although there are now sirens all over the place outside so it could be a long trek
<Rhys> washington is being flown over by fighter jets, i doubt anything _could_ get near to the white house
<ppint> rruthi: yup g
<agb-work> rdio report: USAAF will be shooting down anything that hasn't landed voluntarily
<Carol> Bye folks
<Dianora> ppint: way way too many
<Womble> Jens: Of course the tuennels were closed...
<Shivetya> all A/C approaching USA will be shot down, .no TV2 reports
<Dianora> There are a lot of obscure crossing points
<Womble> Shivetya: Whaaaa...?
<ppint> dianora: and it'd take a leedle longer than two hours to build it
<P-work> Pisser if they shot down Air Force One by mistake.
<Aquarion> My god
<Rhys> Peter: grin
<Womble> Peter: Yeah, especially as AF1 was taken out of service a few days ago!
<Shivetya> p-work: I guess they have IFF in it
<Aquarion> Pictures of WTC2 collapsing
<tamara> I need a yellow pages for emails, corporate?
<Aquarion> Fourth Plane still unconfirmed.
<Aquarion> As is car bomb
<Rhys> sky were showing pictures of that other hijacked plane 10 mins ago
<Ruthi> this is so big. it doesn't seem true
<Rhys> the one still flying that is
**** lonekitty (~lonekitty@ joined the channel
<Ruthi> hug lonecat
<Rhys> according to itv, it is _going_ to be shot down soon
<Rand> re kitty hugs
<Thomas> hey susan hug
**** lonecat (~lonecat@ left the channel
<Aquarion> http://a188.g.akamaitech.net/f/188/920/1m/www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/mmedia/webcams/eyeondc.htm
<Womble> Rhys: I'd hate to be that pilot
<Sam> NYC school children being kept in class. good thing I didn't go
<Womble> Rhys: I mean, the one to shoot it down
<Rhys> Ben: nods
**** Alistair (~A.Dent-00@host217-32-123-57.hg.mdip.bt.net) joined the channel
<P-work> Aq: That's washington?
<P-work> Not NY?
<Aquarion> Yes
<Aquarion> All .ny webcams are dead
<Thomas> re ally
<Rhys> just have to think about how many people _could_ be killed if it wasn't
<Rhys> re allybrorrr
<hippo> hi Alistair
<lonekitty> What's the smoke coming from?
<tamara> my mom and I talked... there's no way you can force a pilot to crash into a building: 'die or else we kill you!" they must have had their own pilots
<P-work> LC: The Pentagon, I think
<Aquarion> 10000 people dead (mtv3, finland)
<Thomas> brb
**** KinkyWork (~Karl@kosh.phys.warwick.ac.uk) joined the channel
<Rhys> hmmm, sky news is better than bbc news, bbc news keep repeating what's happened, sky news are concentrating more on what is happening
<KinkyWork> fuck
<hippo> hi Karl
<Rhys> hey kink
<Womble> One of my colleagues got the report from the New York Daily News. The advert was for flights.
<hippo> Karl : turn radio or tv on if you haven't already
<KinkyWork> been watching since 3
<P-work> tamara: Depends. The pilot may have thought that crashing into the top of a tower and sticking there is slightly better than coming down unpredictably-somewhere-else-populated.
<KinkyWork> or dead
<P-work> But overall I think you've a point
<Stewart> Sky news is sounding like globelink news. I can't deal with the hyperbole.
<Womble> Peter: Weren't you arguing the other way earlier?
<Dianora> pilot is going to die either way, if they rush the terrorist or if they fly into tower
<Sam> my dad heard that there were 11 planes hijacked, 4 are down.
<P-work> Womble: Yes, but I decided you had a point.
<Dianora> they may have thought they'd kill fewer people by crashing the tower
<Dianora> hobsons choice
<Aquarion> Part of the pentagon has collapsed (we understand)
<tamara> sam: where did he hear about the 11?
<Womble> Peter: Oh, did I?
<Aquarion> Israel is sending people to help
<Dianora> aquarion yes confirmed
<Stewart> The trains are still running in NY.....
<Sam> tamara: I don't know, he had to get off the phone
<Sam> not in south Manhattan
<Stewart> Bizzare things get reported in a crisis don't they.....
<Aquarion> Unconfirmed: AFP News agancy is saying that the plain in pen. was a 747
<Sam> I heard that too
<tamara> ruthi: where do you think i can voluntere?
<Ruthi> tamara: ichilov?
<Rand> Sam : that's probably 8+3 rather than 8 including 3???
<Sam> I don't know. I'm confused :-\
<hippo> all uk buildings here and around the world put on high alert
**** Dr-Claw (~rhys@host213-122-72-19.btinternet.com) joined the channel
<Aquarion> Like that will help :-|
<KinkyWork> what a fucking mess
**** Korenwolf (~markl@markl.tech.ensign.ftech.net) left the channel
<agb-work> kink: you can say that again
**** Flexor (~flexor@11dyn126.beverw.casema.net) joined the channel
<Flexor> re
<Shivetya> .no a/c headed for NY has returned
<KinkyWork> and our sodding network is playing up
<Aquarion> Hah. BBC Wash. person was waiting for flight to NY when Pentagon went boom
**** Andrea (.@modem-5.bear.dialup.pol.co.uk) joined the channel
<hippo> hi andrea
<Andrea> lo
<Flexor> Hullo Andrea!
<Dr-Claw> re
**** Thomas (alpha@pCFs09a07.client.global.net.uk) joined the channel
<Aquarion> 20% of the pentagon down (u/c)
<Dr-Claw> hi andrea
<Thomas> re
<Dr-Claw> alan reiss...director of the world trade center...there's a guy who's gonna need to find a new job
<tamara> hi andrea hug
<KinkyWork> 1 side looked trashed, at least on TV
<Rhys> talking to him on sky news atm
<Shivetya> BBC reports two aircrafts shot down, can anyone confirm?
<Sam> UN is being evacuated
<agb-work> ananova has the pittsburgh plane as a 767
<agb-work> shiv: nothing on radio
<Rhys> aparently the EU buildings in brussels have been evacuated
<Stewart> The ambassador of the Taliban has called a news conference!!!
<Womble> agb: That was the earlier report; the later report says a 747.
<agb-work> womble: thanks
<Shivetya> Royal Castle informs that the crown prince ang the crown princess is no longer in NYC
<Rhys> stewart: wonder if it's to say "it was us" or "bloody hell, it wasn't us!!!"
<Womble> I don't think the Taliban is very concerned with the outside world.
<tamara> hundreds of people burned completely sigh
<Stewart> Rhy: Indeed. Its probably just to say that they have executed the western aid workers.....
<Shivetya> is Iraq ruled out?
<Womble> If Osama bin Laden causes them more trouble than he's worth, I think they'll happily hand him over.
<tamara> and the taliban probably can't pull something like that off
<Sam> Canadian airports have been shut down
<Andrea> I've only just got in, how many planes were there?
<KinkyWork> at least 4
<Rand> Shiv : heard reports that Iraq shot down one fighter this morning...but that could be coincidence if it happened at all
<Rhys> Andrea: 2 planes hit the two WTC towers, one hit the pentagon
<Aquarion> Oh fsck. Of course.
<Womble> Andrea: 4 confirmed crashes - 2 at WTC, 1 at Pentagon, 1 outside Pittsburgh
<Rhys> one more is currently flying towards washington
<tamara> I would assume it's a sympathy group for palestinians or any other oppressed people
<Rhys> more are apparently "unaccounted for"
<Aquarion> The WTC is the home of the National Emergancy Centre
<KinkyWork> rhys: that's the one in pittsburgh
<agb-work> Aq?
<Rhys> oh yeah, and the one in pittsburgh
<Aquarion> The primary .us site for dealing with things like this is halfway up the WTC
<agb-work> ah
<Sam> Aq: but it's not in the actual buildings
<Sam> no it isn't, it's at 7 World Trade Center, not in the buildings
<Womble> Aq: I thought FEMA (Federal Emergency Management(?) Agency(?) was in charge of such things.
<Rhys> ch4 reporting lloyds of london building evacuated
<Aquarion> Womble: I'm just relaying information I've heard. Although infor was a while ago
<agb-work> US aviation authorities reporting several planes unaccounted for
[Womble!womble@pc3-camb6-0-cust103.cam.cable.ntl.com] ACTION predicts the content of the next RISKS digest: "we told you so"
<Thomas> tsk.. london isn't a target.. we'd have heard things by now.. *I'd* have heard things.. with my own ears
<agb-work> wonderful
<agb-work> 54 passengers on the American Airlines flight
<Thomas> me being right by Whitehall, HoP, Buck Palace, etc
<Thomas> :(
<Rhys> there's always the possibility that other terrorist groups will use the confusion to some other stuff of their own
<Womble> agb: But how often do they have to do a nation-wide account of planes? Strikes me as unremarkable.
<Rhys> though of course that would be a stupid thing to do cos of all of the extra security atm
<Alistair> rhys: Die Hard 3 springs to mind
<Shivetya> defcon 2 now? can anyone confirm?
<agb-work> womble: except I'd expect airtraffic control to know exactly where all the major airlines' planes are
<Aquarion> No heightened Defcon state confirmed.
<Jens> shiv: any defcon states are likely rumours, defcon isn't public knowledge
<Thomas> is that good or bad defcon? what's normal status?
<Andrea> car bombs too?
<Womble> agb: Sure, but I don't believe the ATC systems are all inter-linked.
<Shivetya> normal is 5, 1 is the worst
<Rhys> emergency num if anyone is worried about people in lower manhatten
<Thomas> ah, ok
<Shivetya> AA confirms two unaccounted flights
<Rhys> 5 is peacetime, 1 is all out war
<KinkyWork> agb: yes, but not all ATC's will know ehere everyone elses planes are
<Aquarion> American Airlines calc people as 166 people
<Aquarion> s/166/156
<P-work> That said, different parts of the army will be at different defcons.
<Womble> BBC says 156 passengers travelling from Boston to LA.
<Rhys> ch4 talking about the web
<P-work> I understand that during the cold war the strategic bomber command was never below defcon 2
<Andrea> what's defcon?
<P-work> Defence Condition
<Andrea> ta
<KinkyWork> Andrea: DEFense CONdition
<Rhys> erm, apparently "80% of the world wide web has been suspended", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean
<Sam> I just saw a better view of the second plane
**** deMille (s369322@student.uq.edu.au) joined the channel
<Stewart> I think that means that a lot of web sites are down due to overload.
<deMille> fark
<Andrea> I couldn't get on anything from work
<agb-work> yep, so that's 210 passengers on the WTC planes
<deMille> http://student.uq.edu.au/~s369322/cnn.htm
<deMille> ^ a repost of the cnn site
<Aquarion> Defcon 5 =- peacetime.. Defcon 4= readiness (as in cold war), defocn 3 = war alert ready to mobilize, troops recalled, defcon 2 = active war state, defcon 1 = nukewar
<deMille> in case you can't get to it
<Aquarion> But defcon level is not public knowlage
<Stewart> Rhy: WTC is one of the biggest 'net interconnection points. It will have a major effect on the 'net other than just news sites being unreachable.
<Rhys> aq: but easily leaked
<Aquarion> #WTC on ircnet @ 1600 users
<Rhys> stew: i know the web will be affected, i just want to know who came up with that terminology :-) "80% suspended"
[ccooke!ccooke@milamber.gwydion.net] ACTION just got back from work stuff
<ccooke> anything new?
<Thomas> i'm sure it just has to be whispered somewhere, and suddenly someone's on the phone
<Aquarion> Not really. A few numbers confirmed.
<Rhys> cc: what was the last you'd heard
**** thom (cprit@ppp-4-5.5800-11.access.uk.worldonline.com) joined the channel
<Rhys> ?
<deMille> #cnn on irc.qeast.net/ is crazy
<Thomas> hey thom
<Jens> cc: I'm summarising a few channels at http://hem.bredband.net/jenayt/wtc.html
<Dianora> deMille, thats EFNet
<ccooke> thanks
<deMille> United Airlines is confirming that one plane have crashed and
<deMille> there are 2 planes 2 go
<deMille> United Airlines is confirming that one plane have crashed and
<deMille> there are 2 planes 2 go
<deMille> Poland: "Those, who murder citizens of allianced
<deMille> countries, are our enemies".
<deMille> United Airlines is confirming that one plane have crashed
<Dianora> I can bet
<thom> what the hell is going on?
<deMille> and there are 2 planes 2 go
<Thomas> welcom to #Defcon3
<Dianora> I'm told people jumped
<Stewart> Rhy: I expect the report tried to get to 5 sites and couldn't reach 4 of them!
<Ruthi> bye
**** Ruthi (rruthi@bzq-147-164.pop.bezeqint.net) left the channel
<Sam> I heard 2 people jumped
<thom> diane: apparently that was just debris
<Rhys> stewart: grin
<Thomas> um... this just in from a mate: uh, on bloomberg they jus said the plane headed to wshington may have some germ warfare cannisters on it, that'll survive even if exploded
<Womble> Dianora: Yeah. People have an instinctive fear of fire that's even stronger than the fear of falling.
<Dianora> well
<Dianora> you might not want to wait for the inevitable
<ppint> thomas: on an american airlines passenger plane ?
<Thomas> shrug 2nd hand info
<Womble> I suppose hitting the ground is a quicker way to die
<KinkyWork> thomas: like they'd know!
<agb-work> Mayor of NYC is saying he saw people jumping
<Stewart> The radio 4 commentry is nice and dispassionate. Sky was like listening to a football match.
<Womble> Like we'd believe that scumbag
<Sam> btw, the NYC primaries were today and have been postponed
<KinkyWork> yeah, I got 5live on ATM
<agb-work> kink: snap
<Aquarion> BBC World Feed: http://idirector.media.ibeam.com/netshow/v2/onair/BBC/BBCworld_100k.asx
<Shivetya> rm -rf /bin/laden
<KinkyWork> what's the betting the cruise missiles are airborn?
<ppint> 0207-008-0000 uk emergency no. for people enquiring after friends, family who may be in manhattan
<Shivetya> againt whom?
<agb-work> kink: to where?
<KinkyWork> known Bin Laden supporters
<Alistair> shiv: everyone Bush can thinkof
<Rhys> s ppint.: also for people worried about people on aircraft at the time
<Womble> s/known/suspected/
<Shivetya> the mix between civilian and stretgic targets strikes as a bit ... weird
<Shivetya> strategic
**** esk (user695@door124.adsl.netsonic.fi) joined the channel
<esk> re/hi
<thom> the point is, though, that they're big, symbolic targets. this is very clearly a "nothing is safe" message.
<ppint> huggganesk
<Alistair> shiv: what strategic targets? they've made a statement about american capitalism, military, and political.
<Alistair> hi esk
<agb-work> hmm, apparently there's lots of FBI stuff near Pittsburgh
<Stewart> I wonder if it is actually American anti-esteablisment groups that are responsible.
<P-work> Anticapitalist groups?
<Alistair> stewart: oklahoma bombing comes to mind..
<Stewart> Indeed.
<Alistair> peter: so why the state department?
<thom> the wtc was targeted before, wasn't it?
**** mike (mike@host213-122-0-2.btinternet.com) joined the channel
[Sam!webmistres@ool-18bc654b.dyn.optonline.net] ACTION wants to donate blood
<hippo> hi mike
<Alistair> hello mike
<P-work> I thought the state department one wasn't confirmed?
<Rand> thom : yup, binladen blew out a couple of floors before
<mike> hi everyone hugs
<Rhys> 'mike
<thom> hi mike
<Aquarion> thom: 1993
<Alistair> it has been, i think. car bomb
<Aquarion> Six died, 1000 injured
<ppint> sam: do you have a rare blood type ?
<Aquarion> (then)
<Sam> I don't know what type I have. I just want to help.
<Sam> Are you allowed to donate if you're under 18?
<Jens> 573-634-2488 Sen Kent Bonds17:36:48: crash3m: 573-634-2488 Sen Kent Bonds <---call if you think you may have family on a hijacked plane
<deMille> i think the car bomb didnb't happen
<Rhys> bush arriving in washington
<Andrea> no sam
<Alistair> sam: 17 in .uk, don't know about us
<tamara> sam: shouldn't be a problem - esspecially now
<Jens> (US)
<Alistair> .us, rather
<Sam> sigh I can't leave the house anyways
<Aquarion> From ircnet:
<Aquarion> theres a hijacked plane flying towards London, they just said on 2 news channels, CONFIRMED??
<Sam> eek
<Aquarion> --end quote--
<ppint> sam: nods - but hospitals locally are likely swamped today; phone local radio station this evening and ask whether there's any way people can help been announced ?
<Rand> Aq : I heard 2 of them...unconfirmed atm
<Jens> uk emergency number: 020 7008 0000
<Rhys> i suspect you can help best atm by staying put, and offering help in the coming days
<Aquarion> I wish they'd stop showing that footage.
<Womble> me too
<KinkyWork> which bit?
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com] ACTION feels sick : bbc just shown the plane crashing into the 2nd tower
<Womble> yeah, that
<Aquarion> That bit
<Rhys> it's just unbelievable. i mean, things hit and on fire yes, but the world trade centre simply _isn't there_ any more
<Aquarion> Car bomb reports coming back.
<Womble> I have to fly to the US fairly regularly
<P-work> Rhys: Yah
<Stewart> apparantly 156 ppl were on the planes.
<ccooke> womble: not for a while, you don't
<Aquarion> Collapse of 20% of the top layer of the pentagon finally confirmed
<Womble> ccooke: I don't?
<KinkyWork> .ca has apparently shut down all flights as well
<Dianora> you know. even if the pilot(s) decided that either way they were dead and tried to overpower the terrorists...
<tamara> has the taliban press conference finished already?
<ccooke> womble: not for a while, no. this is going to take time to settle down.
<Dianora> they were probably close enough to the tower that the terrorists could still fly them in
<Womble> ccooke: Oh.
[ppint!arachne_us@i-m-t.demon.co.uk] ACTION hopes - but doubts - it was the top 20% by rank
<Stewart> They rekon that the terrorists had people that could fly the plane.
<Rhys> dianora: unless they could fly them theirselves and just overpowered the pilots early on
[ccooke!ccooke@milamber.gwydion.net] ACTION will be highly surprised if things are even *approaching "normality" six months from now.
<Alistair> stewart: 156 is just on the two american airlines planes
<Rhys> s/theirselves/themselves
<Aquarion> There were another 52 on the smaller plane
<Rhys> wonder how much the WTC was insured for
<Rand> and what's the chances that Merkia will ban flight simulators in response?
<Womble> Heh
<Rhys> it's Microsoft Flight Simulator's fault!
<Alistair> rhys: now there's a thought
<ccooke> rhys: excel had an flight sim in it.
<ccooke> ban that, too.
<Sam> the 2 buildings together cost about $400 million I heard
<Aquarion> It's SimCity's fault
<Shivetya> I wonder if this is the end of American Ailines, the same way Pan Am and TWA was broken by law suits
<ppint> insurance co shares already down by 20-25%
<Aquarion> You could crash planes into the actual WTC in that
<Stewart> Ali - yeah
<agb-work> Taliban newsconference was to condemn the attacks, apparently
<Womble> Shivetya: TWA's still around.
<tamara> they say it's an afgahn terrorist group, ben-laden(?)... they'd need a lot of money and several pilots to do this... could they
<Alistair> ppint: until they stopped trading in US and UK, so when they reopen again...
<tamara> ?
<Shivetya> womble: they are? Oh...
<Rhys> i wonder if any insurance companies were based in the WTC g
<ppint> tamara: they have the money, yes;
<Shivetya> tamara: bin laden have the resources to do this, but I doubt it's him
<agb-work> another theory on the pittsburgh crash: pilot decided he didn't want to get to a terrorist chosen target
<tamara> ppint: ben laden? or other groups
<ppint> tamara: bin laden
<tamara> sigh
<esk> tamara: and apparently they warned about possible attacs 3 weeks ago
<ppint> tamara: hugggggggggggggg
<Sam> there's planes overhead again
<Womble> Sam: Probably the USAF now
<hippo> ?
<Shivetya> Penta-gone
<tamara> esk: something like this has to be planed months in advance.. it is impossible to keep it secret
<Alistair> very good shiv
<Aquarion> Grr. IRCNet just went crazy with people saying "IS ANY0NE C0M1NG TO |V|Y C0UNTRY" messages.
<tamara> it is impossible to stop as well
<Rand> yup, so short into it, and already the bad taste joke start coming in
<Rhys> |V|Y?
<esk> dutch news reporting plane on the way to uk too
<Aquarion> My :)
<Rand> Rhys : leet for My
<mike> Rhys: my
<Rhys> ah
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-72-19.btinternet.com] ACTION is hopeless at leetspeak :-)
<Alistair> esk: very unconfirmed. unlikely too
<esk> nod
[Aquarion!na@aquarion.demon.co.uk] ACTION wonders about Stephen Evans
<Womble> esk: Not a plane turning back?
<Aquarion> His broadcast got cut off as the 1st tower collapsed.
<esk> possible, I only get it second hand at best
<Rhys> aq: oh that guy who said "hello...wait, there's another expl...[EOF]"?
<Aquarion> Yes
<KinkyWork> what channel was he on?
<Rhys> bbc
<thom> uk news not mentioned these rumours about plane heading to london.. presumably to avoid panic..
<Sam> Dick Oliver from FOX, his broadcast was cut off as the 1st tower collapsed too. there was broadcasting equipment up there, they're most likely ok.
<Aquarion> BBC[1|News]
<Aquarion> Argh. The freaks are out quoting Nostradamus
<Rand> aaargh
**** Oliver (~igor@optimim.demon.co.uk) joined the channel
<KinkyWork> the towers appear to have come down vertically, not toppled, so unless they were stupidly close, prolly OK
<thom> steven evans was just on bbc now.
<Aquarion> That was a repeat
<thom> yes, but from an hour ago
<Rhys> thom: thought she said that was from an hour or so ago
<Aquarion> No, from about 15 minutes after it happened, in fact.
<Oliver> erk, thats a horrible part of the vid :(
<Aquarion> I heard it live :)
[mike!mike@host213-122-0-2.btinternet.com] ACTION sighs at a post on metafilter: "if you look at how they fell, they fell absolutely straight down and that says that there were explosives rigged already in the tower and they wanted it to look like a result of the crashes. the first crash was to get the cameras rolling. the second crash was to introduce. and the bombings were to ice the cake. right now a 2nd hijacked plane is heading towards the pentagon as i type this. THIS IS WAR."
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-72-19.btinternet.com] ACTION imagines the emergency cabinet meeting
<Rhys> "....bloody hell"
<Rhys> "....yeah"
<Rhys> ".......christ"
<esk> us now claiming all planes accounted for, and on the ground
<KinkyWork> good
<Aquarion> mike: The towers were designed to fall straight down
<deMille> <--- live feed
<deMille> <--- live feed 2000 users
<Jens> Is there confirmation of partial London and Brussels evacuations?
<Aquarion> Mike: Should they fall at all.
<thom> yes
<Rhys> jens: sky news said that about 30 mins ago
<Andrea> yup jens
<Alistair> jens: confirmation of canary wharf
<Jens> ta
<Aquarion> For the same reason they were designed to survice aircraft for long enough to get people out.
<Andrea> coty of london evacuated
<hippo> Jens : some of the city of London sites evacuated : Stock exchange and so forth
<Sam> they have Tom Clancy on the phone on CNN
<hippo> Sam : typical CNN :-|
<Andrea> who is tom clancy?
<KinkyWork> writer
<Shivetya> author
<Shivetya> THE autho who wrote about a 747 crashing into Capitol
<Oliver> politcial author
<Aquarion> Writer of Political Thrillers, amounst other things
<deMille> [1heh
<Andrea> ahh thought I recognised his name
<Andrea> ta
<tamara> eeeeeeeeeee
<KinkyWork> Pen State crash: Newark, NJ -San Francisco
<deMille> for pictures:
<deMille> http://home.rochester.rr.com/jnconet/
<tamara> the arab tv stations are now arguing about whose fault it is
<Oliver> americans are going to be very trigger happy now
<deMille> the repercussions of this are going to be big
<tamara> one ex egyptian foreign minister says this is a 'zionist' attack
<Oliver> crash in pittsburg as well
<KinkyWork> muppet
<KinkyWork> Oli: that's in pen State
<Aquarion> The .pen flight was not a 747, but a 767
<Womble> tamara: One nobody, then
<tamara> problem is... there are more than several jewish people who would be that stupid
<agb-work> radio 5 just said there's still a plane missing
<Aquarion> Yes
<Aquarion> AA have reported they are "concerned" about ti
<Womble> BBC TV reports United as being 'concerned' about one of its flights
<tamara> I just hope none of them have access to this type of funds
<Womble> Aq: That's weird - wonder which airline it is?
<Aquarion> You're right, I'm not :)
<Rhys> cnn just said it was american airlines again concerned about another of it's flights
<Womble> Nattie's mum is on the ground in Chicago - didn't start her flight today
<P-work> That's lucky...
<Oliver> local air base have got loads of jets flying around which is wierd
<hippo> Oliver : I expect no less from the raf
<Rhys> posibility uk flights could all be grounded apparently, according to sky.com
<Rhys> http://www.sky.com/skynews/storytemplate/storytoppic/0,,30000-1029112,00.html
<Oliver> hippo, thats the point, it aint RAF, its DERA
<Aquarion> " ABC News: Two Aircraft hijacked from U.K. - all airports in the U.K closed"
<Andrea> dells home
<Sam> not says that on ABC here :-\
<Sam> er, saying? I can't talk.
<Womble> Aq: Given that the Beeb isn't saying anything about it, I suspect it's just rumour.
<tamara> I need a break - bbl
<Sam> they just showed a plane engine on the ground :(
<Sam> I'm in the US
**** tamara (t_rigg@ras13-p7.tlv.netvision.net.il) left the channel
<Womble> deMille: Sam is in Brooklyn, in the smoke and dust!
<deMille> crap
<agb-work> oh sod this, I'm going home, back on in about 30 minutes
<ppint> tamara: hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggbyefornow
<Aquarion> UA Confirms Flight 175 Crashes
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-169-1.btinternet.com] ACTION goes to get some fresh air and fish n chips : this is getting somewhat overwhelming : I was 'close' to the IRA bandstand attack in London but this is clearly on a much more vast a scale : bbiab
<Oliver> dont think ill go to manc today
<Sam> shit, my best friends are stuck in Manhattan in school
<ccooke> Well. It must be said - America always dos things in a big way.
<ccooke> sam: :-(
<Oliver> http://www.dal.net/wtc/
<Rhys> kill -9 terrorist
<Jens> www.cnn.com is back with a better connection
<ppint> sam: not the school near the wtc mentioned, i trust
<Sam> no, I don't think so. I don't know much about the layout of Manhattan...it's in Tribeca
<Rhys> us/mexican border closed according to ccn
<Rhys> cnn
<Dianora> www.cnn.com is very quickly thrown together it looks like
**** Alistair (~A.Dent-00@host217-32-161-41.hg.mdip.bt.net) joined the channel
<Sam> they're saying there was an explosion at the base of the towers?
<Womble> Dianora: Light HTML wins the day.
<Warwick> I think they've minimalised it to hold up under the bandwidth
<Aquarion> Not yet.
<Jens> sam: yes, Ground-level explosions near WTC (CONFIRMED, ABC)
<Dianora> that looks hand generated to me
<Rand> And the jokes flood in http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1637566709
<Alistair> american member of some international strategy taskforce on bbc saying "well hang on folks, we don't know this is an arab attack. the american government has enemies with the united states"
<Stewart> They are all doing it: http://www.reuters.com/
<Jens> .se TV 4 is claiming a state's resources would be required to achieve this... dunno why
<thom> "a second pearl harbor"... but a declaration of war by whom? stupid statement to make.
<Alistair> jens: hmm, i doubt that. could be done for much less, assuming the explosions were causedby the plane crashes.
<Oliver> only some really extreme idiots would try declaring war with the US
<Flexor> Thom: Where's that?
<thom> just heard it on the bbc
<thom> didn't catch who said it, i'm afraid :(
<Jens> Ally: plane has landed with 200 ppl + explosives on clevelands airport (Swedish Radio P4)
<Womble> Flexor: A US senator dewscribed it as such, but I also forget the name
<Alistair> hadn't heard that. explosives make it more expensive, but not much
<Jens> The "new pearl harbour" thing has been making the rounds, haven't got a source on that
<Womble> Cleveland would be near Pittsburgh, right?
<Jens> NBC: Aircraft carriers dispatched to DC and NYC
[ppint!arachne_us@i-m-t.demon.co.uk] ACTION goes for a lw
<Dianora> cleveland is not that close to pittsburgh
<Dianora> well wait
<Womble> Oh. So where is it?
<Dianora> ohio is another half hour drive west of pittsburgh
<Dianora> you could be right
<Flexor> Heh! RTL 4 warns that the Internet is overloaded in the general direction of the USA
<Dianora> PA is a biggish state
<Womble> Well the crash was 80 miles away from Pittsburgh (so I heard).
<Dianora> I have been in Pittsburgh, it is about half an hour drive I think from pitts to ohio border
<Dianora> its not that far
<Alistair> flecks: well how many american isps have their servers in the wtc? i'm guessing lots. like uk in the dockalnds.
<Flexor> Probably.
<Dianora> so much for that NAP
<Womble> Alistair: Are you thinking of MAE East?
<Alistair> womble: er.. maybe? :)
<Womble> That's the big public NAP in NY.
<Alistair> womble: yes that, and the actual isp company's operations.
<Dianora> MAE east
<Aquarion> FAA confirm, 4 com. flights, 2 of each from UA and AA confirmed.
<Aquarion> Flight 175 is missing
<Flexor> People in the NL are dropping bunches of flowers in front of the US embassy.
[Dianora!~db@cpu2177.adsl.bellglobal.com] ACTION sighs
<thom> missing.. htf do you lose a plane??
<deMille> [ok, bed for me
<Warwick> switchoff the transponders, deviate from course
<deMille> i'm tired, sick, and have to be at uni in about 5 hours
<Womble> Thom: I think what they really mean is not landed at airports.
<Flexor> Night deMille
<Womble> Thom: They're being very conservative and not confirming the 4 crashes.
<Womble> Thom: That's my reading, anyhow.
<Rhys> night deMille
<Dianora> they lost an entire section of the pentagon I'm told. its now a quad
<Womble> Night, deMille
<Rand> cnn is saying that United have confirmed downing of flight 175
<Rhys> they now have a nice open air section for the summer
<deMille> nite everyone
<Aquarion> sigh Why do I feel that at any moment Jeramy Beadle should pop up and say "Hah! Fooled you!". wish
<Sam> Evilness.
<thom> it feels like that should happen. that this is just a goddamn joke, a ridiculous hoax, with puppets and models and cgi.
<mike> i have to go..
<Dianora> db: mae-east is in virginia
**** pol (pol@stinky.geekstuff.co.uk) joined the channel
<Womble> There's no sign of Steve McQueen or Bruce Willis.
<Womble> Dianora: Oh.
<Sam> fake smoke out the window, eh?
<amy> Womble: maybe they didn't get payed enough
<Rand> ok, time to go home and watch this on TV.... later folks hugs
[mike!mike@host213-122-0-2.btinternet.com] ACTION has to go to work now
<mike> see you all later
<Aquarion> It should be like what happened with WotW in the .u
<Aquarion> s
<thom> the world trade center collapsing? It's like independence day.. i mean, we've grown up with this landmark and now we
<thom> re watching it collapse
<thom> terrorism write large like some kind of b-movie.
<pol> This is some seriously bad stuff
<Sam> I was supposed to go there 2 weeks ago. I never got to. Now I never will.
<Womble> It's a good thing I photographed it before it fell down.
<pol> I mean, fighter patrols over Washington
<Jens> More images: http://home.rochester.rr.com/jnconet/
<Dianora> I thought well, they'd put out the fires and have to rebuild
<pol> I can unfortunately tell you where they got the idea recently.
<Womble> http://womble.decadentplace.org.uk/photos/1999/New-York/World-Trade-Centre-2.jpg
<Dianora> I never expected those to collapse
<pol> Talk about life following fiction, read Dale Brown - Storming Heaven to see what I mean
<Dianora> still, once you get enough weight to start coming down from collapsed columns
<Dianora> I guess it just collapsed each floor in turn
<Dianora> The u.s. is essentially in war condition
<Aquarion> All other news has now been suspended until further notice
<ccooke> aqua: ?
<Aquarion> The tory leadership contest, the TUC stuff, and most everything not .us based as been suspended until they have a chance at airtime
<ccooke> understandable.
<Aquarion> Defcon is not public Knowlage. All Defcon status reports will be rumours, FFS people.
<Aquarion> Oops
<Aquarion> Sorry, wrong channel, wrong server, and wrong application.
<amy> getting angry aq?
**** Oliver (~igor@optimim.demon.co.uk) joined the channel
<ccooke> grin
<pol> I am a little concerned at what the UK is doing in response to this attack
<Oliver> pol, lots of planes patrolling the coast
<Rhys> NATO HQ evacuated, dunno if that's old news
<Jens> TV4: "Oh, by the way, there's flooding in Sweden. Now weather, then back to US"
[Flexor!~flexor@11dyn126.beverw.casema.net] ACTION goes out to grab some fries or something.
<pol> There was half a squadron of fighters went screaming over my house around 20 minutes after the second plane crashed
<Aquarion> "|)3F(0|\| III C0NF1R|V|3D!!!!!!!"
<george> aqua: cries of oh my god this is the start of WWIII on an other server?
<pol> This is no usual for this part of the UK
<Aquarion> Morons
<Aquarion> george: All over the world, yes
<Womble> Aq: So why don't you leave the channel?
<ccooke> aqaurion: there is no defcon "III".
<george> aqua: I get it too sigh
<ccooke> unless the romans had nukes... ;-)
<Aquarion> Womble: Because there is also useful information happening
<Rhys> defcon IV - he's back
<Aquarion> ccooke: I know, and they arn't saying that exactly. I'm paraphrasing
<Jens> aq: where's that, then?
<ccooke> aqua: I know.
<Aquarion> #news on irc.net
[thom!cprit@ppp-4-5.5800-11.access.uk.worldonline.com] ACTION hopes corinne gets home soon - need to get out of the house, get some food.
<thom> william hague just compared it to pearl harbor!
<Oliver> tony blair says its an act of war
<Jens> #terrorist-moderated on openprojects.net is pretty useful
<Oliver> or is it william hague
<Oliver> can't see tv
<Rhys> william hague
<thom> oliver: hague
<Oliver> k
<Oliver> tv is behind head can't see it
<Martin> lots of people habve been saying it's an attack on all of civilisation: i'm worried
<thom> aol
<Stewart> Hague never has been orginal.
[Stewart!~stewart@otter.highwayone.net] ACTION goes home.
<Stewart> May well bbl.
<Martin> not just about more attacks, but also reaction of US: they're never subtle
<Jens> Martin: yep. Lots of EU countries are sending in troops to assits nat. guard (.se radio P4)
<Stewart> See you later folks
<Aquarion> No, it's just an attack on us. Nowhere else has even seen a plane
<Sam> if they show the second plane footage one more time I'm going to be sick
<thom> i'm getting numb to it, which is awful
<ccooke> aqua: any more news/confirmations/denials about the one heading to london?
<Alistair> aqua: except those coming home unscheduled, prompting terrorist fears.
<Aquarion> None
<Womble> Thom: Me too
<thom> i hope a returning flight doesn't get shot down in the panic..
<Oliver> doubt one would get across St. Georges channel
<Aquarion> None even mentioned, all planes that the FAA mentioned are accounted for
<Womble> Thom: I wondered whether the Pittsburgh crash could have been an accident in the panic to ground flights
<thom> ben: i've been thinking about that, too.
<Jens> Where's Halifax?
<Aquarion> And if anyone belives that a plane due to fly from Boston to NY would make it to .uk, I have a new fuel tank to sell you.
<Alistair> yorkshire, iirc
<Jens> I've got "Halifax is taking emergency landings for the US. (CBC)"... I'd expect that's a New World Halifax, though
<Sam> Nova Scotia
<Rhys> Aq: grin
<Dianora> yes jens
<Dianora> nova scotia
<Oliver> eww, someones already trying to cash in on the crash :(
<thom> halifax doesn't have an airport..
<Dianora> yes it does thom
<ccooke> oliver: what?
<Jens> Also "Canada air traffic also closed (ABC)"
<Dianora> oh your halifax
<Dianora> sorry :-)
<Jens> but the latter was before the former
<Oliver> ccoke, someones trying to sell the domain http://www.worldtradecenter.com/
<Dianora> right. sorry
**** falkor (mdatko@host213-122-185-230.btinternet.com) joined the channel
<Jens> CNN: Bush is not returning to Washington
<Dianora> The international flights in the air to the u.s. have to land somewhere
<Jens> "50 flights _safely_ in the air in route to their destinations." FAA via CNN
<Womble> Oliver: Do you know that it's new?
<Rhys> Jens: i saw his helicopter land next to the pentagon a while ago
<Rhys> well, it was the big helicopter he normally uses anyway
<falkor> Rhys : a helicopter
<Rhys> yeah, that's what i just said
<Jens> President Bush at Air Force Field in Louisiana
<Womble> Oliver: I mean, it could conceivably have been registered and put on sale a long time ago - there are a lot of 'parked' domain names like that.
<Rhys> worldtradecenter.com:
<Rhys> Record last updated on 10-Sep-2001.
<Rhys> Record expires on 01-Nov-2003.
<Rhys> Record Created on 02-Nov-1996.
<Womble> Well that answers it.
<Oliver> thanks rhys, was just copying that
<Jens> "We (members of the german army) have been put on alert, people are being revoked from holiday, all system/material checked, no talk policy." (Post on www.slashdot.org)
<Oliver> hmm, dal.net died
**** jester (~jester@pc2-dale2-0-cust1.not.cable.ntl.com) joined the channel
<jester> re/hi
<hippo> wb jester
<thom> re andy
<Jens> possible explosion building next to tower 2 coming down -- NYPD radio
<Andrea> hi jester
<Rhys> Sam: on /. :
<Rhys> "New Yorkers are asked to give blood."
<Womble> Slashdot says Dubya is going to Louisiana, not to the White House.
**** aapi (~aapi@ruisUNP.lpg.fi) joined the channel
<Jens> Womble: CNN too
<Sam> my parents won't let me do it anyways. yells at the tv to stop showing the footage
<Jens> 18:41:11: Oskuro: Bush statement soon from Lousiana, Bush not returning to WDC (CNN)
<Oliver> turned my tv off, keeps showign the crash
<Womble> Jens: /. is just aggregating reports, as usual.
<Womble> Sam: The blood banks might say you're too young, anyway.
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<Rhys> re s. ppint.
<Oliver> im not allowed to give blood :(
<Andrea> sam you can always ring to check tomorrow, things will be crazy right now
<Sam> true
<ppint> re s. rhys huggggg
<hippo> re ppint
[Rhys!~rhys@host213-122-72-19.btinternet.com] ACTION hugggggs s ppint.
<Oliver> whast this report of one being shot down?
<Jens> "It's not terrorism, it's all-out war against Democracy" (previous Swedish premier whatshisname enters the soundbite war)
<Rhys> bbc news just said bush was in a short stopover in lousiana on his way to WDC
<Jens> Rhys: CNN says he's not going back to DC
<Rhys> news station fight! :-)
<ccooke> jens: wince quotes like that make me want to go and shout at the idiot
<Jens> all the rest of the gov't functions have been evacuated from dc...
<Oliver> hmm, all gone nuts
<Jens> Rhys: fighters are up, but AIUI all planes are currently accounted for, three crashed itno buildings, one into a forest, none shot down
<Womble> Hmm. Given the current panic, it's probably not a good idea to put him in an obvious place. I mean, unless you want Cheney as President instead.
<Jens> s/rhys/oli
**** Rand (rand@m33-mp1-cvx1a.hud.ntl.com) joined the channel
<Rand> re all
<hippo> re rand
<Sam> isn't Cheney president anyway?
<Womble> No, that's Karl Rove.
<Sam> heh
<Jens> shiv: btw, what's the state on .no politics?
<Oliver> jens, you called me rhys?
[PerfDrug!~grimoire@corinne.cpio.org] ACTION isn't allowed to give blood either
<Jens> the NYPD are investigating a suspisous green van outside the FBI building (source: NYPD Live Feed)
<Jens> oli: yes. Is this a problem?
<ppint> gid might be allowed to give alcohol from his beer stream
<Oliver> jens, well yes.
**** Thomas (alpha@host213-122-144-93.btinternet.com) joined the channel
<Alistair> hi tommy
<Thomas> re all
<hippo> wb thomas
<Rhys> re thomas
<Jens> 3 planes still not accounted for in US (Belgian state TV)
<Oliver> hmm, willing to kill themselves is a rare form of expertise?
<Rhys> this is going to take a _long_ time to settle down
<Rhys> and that's presuming no more stuff happens
<Thomas> i think it's all over...
<ppint> wubbya's courageously laded
<ppint> landed
<ppint> in louisiana
<Thomas> ...or just beginning
<ccooke> thomas: why?
<Rhys> Thomas: for now, at least
<Rhys> yeah, /me agrees with what they just said on bbc
<ccooke> Rhys: let us put it this way. This is going to make visible changes to the world for at least a year. probably several.
<pol> Wubbya is supposedly on his way to Thunder Mountain, anybody know which state that's in?
<Rhys> "this could be the spur for a new level of coordination of every world government in a coordinated attack on terrorism"
<ccooke> In fact, there's a good chance this will affect the rest of our lives.
<Jens> ppint: where do you think he should be? Direct action on catastrophe sites isn't his job, staying alive is
<Sam> Taliban giving us their prayers, eh? yet they funded this...snort
<ccooke> sam: how do you know?
<Rhys> cc: yep
<Alistair> sam: everyone thought oklahoma was an arab state attack...
<Sam> true
<Oliver> hmm, someone on efnet just admitted to crashing into the twin towers, although considering they is a flight sim buff there could be some truth there
<ccooke> rhys: that's nothing.
<Rhys> cc: hopefully something good can come out of all this crap though
<ccooke> this will change a lot of things.
<ccooke> much of it not obvious. God, I hope not obvious.
<Alistair> pol: florida. disneyland.
<Rhys> thunder mountain? sounds like a location in he-man
<Womble> pol: Not Cheyenne Mountain then?
<Jens> Cheyenne Mountain, shirley?
<pol> Womble: Cheyenne was always NORAD
<Womble> pol: Right, and it's nice and safe and snug.
<ppint> jens: /me doesn't much care where he is, but uk pms & monarchs have a tradition of staying with their people, in appropriately-connected command centres, but also "seeing for themselves" and showing that they are still around, and so on.
<pol> I have heard Thunder Mountain before as an alternative site for US Gubmint, just can't remember where
<Rhys> it's that guy on bbc1 again
<Rhys> the "were you walking or driving" "i was running" :-)
<pol> Apparently another plane crashed near camp david
<Womble> pol: You may well be right; just asking
<Oliver> pol, thats been confirmed as just a rumour
<Rhys> if it was _near_ was it shot down?
<Jens> pol: old rumour, unless it's v. new
<Alistair> pol: someone watching his satellite tv feed and not looking where he was going, prolly
<pol> Hmm
<pol> Israel just closed its airspace
<Rhys> MOD confirmed all UK military bases moved up a level of security
<pol> and UK military and US in the UK have just escalated alertness
<Jens> 5 planes returning to scandinavia, all safe (SAS)
<pol> and the NYC national guard have been called out
<Aquarion> http://www.dnuoforp.com/attack/bbc/
<Oliver> brb reconn
<Rhys> steps taken to endure the united states government continue to function? doesn't that imply they function in the first place? g
<Rhys> ensure
<Womble> Did anyone else see The Siege?
<Rhys-Away> biab
<Rand> pol : they've been on standby for hours - they knew they'd need to relieve the nromal emergency staff as they started to need sleep
<thom> "dflp claims responsibility".. confirmed anywhere else?
<pol> Google are caching CCN.com if anybody is interested
<Rand> thom : that was a phone in - the actual dflp officials deny it.
<Martin> later denied, Thom
<Thomas> didn't they originally calim it wasn't them
<jester> thom: palestinians? ex[;icitly denied responsibility
<thom> hmm.. itv way out of date, then.
[Andrea!.@modem-5.bear.dialup.pol.co.uk] ACTION turns telly and radio off
<Andrea> can't deal with any more repetes
[Warwick!irc@pc3-woki2-0-cust33.gui.cable.ntl.com] ACTION heads home
<Warwick> see you later
<thom> bye paul
[jester!~jester@pc2-dale2-0-cust1.not.cable.ntl.com] ACTION has seen enough repeats of the towers collapsing, and didn't see any till he got home
<Jens> TV4 is making a point of noting that Star Wars 2 wouldn't help against this
<ratty> lo
<ppint> hieratty
<Jens> hi rats
<hippo> hi ratty
<Flexor> hi Ratty! huggs
<hippo> hi Corinne hug
[ratty!.@modem-5.bear.dialup.pol.co.uk] ACTION bouncies after a brilliant day of college
<Corinne> heya tight hugs
<Jens>, in a courtroom at the World Trade Center
[PerfDrug!~grimoire@corinne.cpio.org] ACTION returns
<Jens> hi cor
<Thomas> hi corinne, ratty
<Aquarion> .
<ratty> hi alex
<Womble> Jens: !
[Corinne!cprit@ppp-4-5.5800-11.access.uk.worldonline.com] ACTION sees the full footage for the first time...scared :(
<jester> jens: hell's teeth
**** Oliver (~igor@optimim.demon.co.uk) joined the channel
<hippo> re Oliver
<Thomas> re oli
**** pol (pol@stinky.geekstuff.co.uk) joined the channel
<Oliver> and there was me think the worst thing happening today was my sisters school bus crashing
[PerfDrug!~grimoire@corinne.cpio.org] ACTION is trying not to cry
<hippo> Oliver : she ok ?
<Oliver> hippo, aye
<Corinne> alex: me too, and that was just with radio stuff..
<Jens> Violent response considered inevitable (TV4 talking heads)
<Corinne> gods, this is horrible
<Corinne> (don't launch the nukes, don't launch the nukes, don't launch the nukes)
<Rand> Cor : they don't know who to fire at....so it'll drag on for some time.
<Jens> 19:08:53: M4ndr4ke: President Bush making an statement NOW!!!
<pol> And I thought it was bad this morning when I saw the news on the international arms fair in London
[Thomas!alpha@host213-122-144-93.btinternet.com] ACTION hugs cor
<Corinne> rand: it doesn't have to matter
<Thomas> don't worry...
<PerfDrug> Corinne: I've been following on IRC and the web
<ccooke> Long enough for people to calm down, I hope.
[Corinne!cprit@ppp-4-5.5800-11.access.uk.worldonline.com] ACTION hugs
[ccooke!ccooke@milamber.gwydion.net] ACTION hugs corinne, too
[Corinne!cprit@ppp-4-5.5800-11.access.uk.worldonline.com] ACTION hugs everyone
[hippo!mdatko@host213-122-185-230.btinternet.com] ACTION hugs Corinne
<Rand> switches to SkyNews
[PerfDrug!~grimoire@corinne.cpio.org] ACTION cuddles everyone close
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<Rand> hi random hugs
<ccooke> hi random hug
**** Herald (herald@modem-1135.cubone.dialup.pol.co.uk) joined the channel
<random_c> hey
<hippo> hi random hug
<Herald> hi all
<hippo> hi Herald
<Corinne> heya
<Rand> hey Herald hugs LTNS
**** PaciFist_ (~igor@optimim.demon.co.uk) joined the channel
<ccooke> hi herald hug
<Jens> Bush: military around world on high alert, steps taken to maintain gov't, in touch with world leaders to assure US will protect Merkia & Merkins.
**** shadow (chrisc@shad0w.dial.nildram.co.uk) joined the channel
<Jens> Bush: join me in prayer, etc. "The resolve of our great nation is being tested"
<hippo> hi chris
<Jens> general forced cheerfuless
**** Dr-Claw (~rhys@host213-122-19-125.btinternet.com) joined the channel
<Sam> now I can see the smoke from downstairs too
<Flexor> brb
<Jens> Battery tunnel now upen for traffic on both ways (NYPD scanners)
<random_c> london train terminals are closed apparently
<Dianora> They stopped just short of declaring an emergency in Ottawa
<Dianora> everything else is being mobilized
<pol> Canada has closed its airspace from reports I've been seeing, along with Mexico
<pol> North America is a no fly zone if you are not military or fire service
<shadow> and Israel
**** rats (.@modem-850.lion.dialup.pol.co.uk) joined the channel
<Oliver> and over here afaik tell
<Herald> workmate was phoned by friend of his who siad that all the US planes in the UK are in the air going...somewhere
<Rhys> re/hi
**** Flexor (~flexor@11dyn126.beverw.casema.net) joined the channel
<Rhys> Dell
<Rhys> hugs
<pol> One of my friends who works for DHL says that they are just grounding most of their fleet
<Oliver> how long before the film comes out :(
<ratty> ello
<Flexor> Re Ratty! Knuffel
<Rand> Oliver : a decent one with full SFX, about 2 years. A less good one in about 6 months
<Jens> Is pitts in pensylvania?
[PerfDrug!~grimoire@corinne.cpio.org] ACTION is going out tonight
<Flexor> Jens: Yes.
<Dianora> yes jens
<Dianora> not too far from the ohio border
<Jens> thought so... TV4 thinks the pitts and penn crashes are separate
<PerfDrug> The Oxford goth night is waiving the door fee, playing chilled music all night so we can meet up and talk amongst ourselves.
<Jens> Generally I've been pro-Palestine, but the obscene positive reactions on the west bank are making it hard to maintain that position
<ccooke> alex: that's a good thing
<Dianora> its sick sick sick sick what they did
<Rhys> Jens: the pics of them all celebrating?
<Jens> fizzactky
<Rhys> nods
<Dianora> sure attacking the pentagon, thats sick but at least it was people expecting it
<Dianora> i.e. military
<shadow> er
<Dianora> attacking innocent civilians
<Dianora> the passengers
<Oliver> did something that generations of hackers have tried for years
<Dianora> the people in the towers
<Dianora> my mind is still kinda numb
<shadow> Most of the pople bassed at the pentagon are civil servants
<Womble> Apparently that part of the Pentagon was mostly empty offices, actually
<Dianora> shadow: I realize that